• After Fostercare and Divorce: "So You've Lost Custody & Now They're Adults

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  • Up to 50% of former foster or probation youth end up homeless within the first year and a half of their emancipation.
  • For former foster kids, finding a job as an adult can be difficult without finishing their formal education. Many get no guidance in this area.
  • The remnants of an abusive childhood can impact an adult's ability to function in school, work, relationships, and life in general.

The Cognitive Institute of Dallas provides one on one services to families who are struggling with child removal or long-term families issues related to housing, educational, and social services to parents with/without family ties experiencing isolation, loneliness, and broken family ties.

Our goal is to provide stability and life-changing supportive family consulting and counseling to parents affected by lack of communication, hurtful pasts, and ongoing trauma. Learn more about our work. We empower parents to transform their lives and achieve family communication.

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After Fostercare and Divorce: "So You've Lost Custody & Now They're Adults

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