• Weapons of War and Epic Boundaries Crossed

Are you fighting for custody? Six actions that can sabotage your case. One of the more painful parts of your divorce may be facing the possibility of losing custody of your kids.  Experiencing a divorce can have significant impacts on divorcees’ mental and physical health regardless of the reasons behind the split. A 2020 study published in Frontiers in Psychology found that independent of other factors, divorces ridden with conflict may lead to worse mental health post-divorce.


  • Respectful, affectionate, and easy communication is the glue that holds spouses together.
  • When divorcing, communication should aim to be brief, informative, friendly, and firm.
  • Communication that avoids argument, conflict, and fighting can protect children from the damage that divorce sometimes causes.

The Cognitive Institute of Dallas provides one on one services to parents by providing Brief strategic family therapy or Structural therapy. Either way; the goal of these therapies is to change the patterns of interaction between family members and/or time-limited intervention that targets family problems leading to problematic symptoms showing in youths. Structural therapy manages problems that arise due to the family structure. It aims to achieve a functioning and balanced family hierarchy, Trusted Source with appropriate boundaries between members. The key difference with structural therapies is the focus on structure rather than specific behaviors that cause problems. who are struggling with child removal or long-term families issues related to housing, educational, and social services to parents with/without family ties experiencing isolation, loneliness, and broken family ties.

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Weapons of War and Epic Boundaries Crossed

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